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MarbleCrete Mix, Inc.

MarbleCrete Mix | Sealers and Applicators | Surface Preparation & Reducers

Strippers, Cleaners and Reducers



A solvent based compound that removes all sealer, waxes, oil, and grease.



A specially formulated compound for removing most all types of seals, waxes and oil from MarbleCrete, terrazzo, oxychloride cements, portland cement, marble, and other stone surfaces, quickly and inexpensively.



Quickly and efficiently strips any and all waxes, heavy-duty polymer finishes, acrylic paste waxes and even the tenacious MarbleCrete Crystal Seal from MarbleCrete, masonry and cement surfaces.



Apply MarbleCrete Stripper undiluted to a section of the dry surface.  Scrub well with a brush or scrubbing pad until the surface darkens and appears wet.  Add a small quantity of water and scrub again.  Add additional water and keep scrubbing until the surface has a milky appearance.  Scrub well.  Pick up the milky mixture and rinse well with clear water several times.  Fresh water rinsing should be continued until all foaming ceases.  It is generally best to do a small controllable area and complete the entire cycle.  The seal will not be removed efficiently if the floor has been wet first with water.  Clean surface with MarbleCrete Clean'Brite.  Rinse surface thoroughly and allow to dry completely before resealing.



Stripper covers 300 to 500 square feet per gallon depending upon type of finish and thickness of build-up being removed.



Apply only to dry surface.  Caution should be used when using MarbleCrete Stripper, the mixture is flammable and loosened resins or waxes may cause the surface to be extremely slippery.  Keep away from heat and open flame.  Be certain there are no lighted pilots or appliances (e.g. hot water heaters, stoves, furnaces, etc.) and do not use spark producing scrubbing or wet vacuum equipment.  Do not apply over excessively hot surfaces.  Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors and repeated contact with skin.  Use rubber gloves and protective clothing.  If eyes are contaminated, flush with water immediately.  Contact your physician.  Use with adequate ventilation.  Do not apply to linoleum, rubber tile, vinyl tile, asphalt or painted surfaces.  Do not transfer contents to bottles or unlabeled containers.  Clean hands thoroughly after use and before eating or smoking. 



Concentrated Cleaner & Brightener

MarbleCrete Clean'Brite safely removes marks, surface dirt and surface soil from any type of MarbleCrete, floor or concrete surface.  It has a pleasant "lemon scent".

Allow Clean'Brite to air dry and the optical brighteners in Clean'Brite actually increase and enhance the existing gloss of the surface.

Use Clean'Brite for outstanding results on all MarbleCrete finishes, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo, vinyl tile and all makes of today's "No Wax" floors.


  1. Sweep the surface to remove miscellaneous scraps and loose dirt.
  2. Pour about 3-6 ounces of Clean'Brite into a gallon of cold tap water.
  3. Squeeze out excess liquid, and sponge mop or damp mop in the usual manner.
  4. Do not rinse.
  5. Allow one step Clean'Brite to air dry and admire the results  


  1. Clean'Brite is excellent for large area and small floor maintenance.
  2. Clean'Brite is excellent for high-speed floor care; use 6 ounces per gallon of cold tap water, damp mop and allow Clean'Brite to air dry, then high speed burnish to a dramatic brighter "wet look" finish.
  3. Clean'Brite is excellent for use in commercial automatic floor scrubbing machines.

Clean'Brite contains a special blend of several non-ionic surfactant cleaners that will "NOT" leave a film on surfaces.  Optical brighteners, fragrance and stabilizers are also contained to ensure freshness and gloss. Contains no phosphorus and is biodegradable.



MarbleCrete Reducer is the same specially formulated blend of aromatic solvents that is used to manufacture MarbleCrete Crystal Seal.

MarbleCrete Reducer should be used to clean tools, applicators, spray equipment and general clean-up of Crystal Seal.  Being the same blend of solvents used in the manufacture of Crystal Seal it can be used as a thinner for spraying.  Thinning can also be done in certain applications that require a reduced amount of solids.  We recommend that thinning does not go beyond 2 parts of MarbleCrete Reducer to 3 parts of Crystal Seal.  This will drop the solids to less than 9%.


MarbleCrete Reducer is FLAMMABLE.  Keep way from heat and open flames.  Keep container closed.  Use with adequate ventilation, proper respirator, and avoid prolonged breathing or skin contact.


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