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Gold Marble Concrete Mix
Gold Marble Concrete Mix #18

black_on_black_marblecrete Concrete Mix
Black Iris Marble Concrete Mix #20

black_gold_white_pink Concrete Mix
Gold, Pink Champagne, Virgin Marble, & Black Iris Fleck - Concrete Mix #1B

burgundy_black_marblecrete Concrete Mix
Black Iris/Burgundy and Virgin Marble Concrete Mix #8

all_champagne_marblecrete Concrete Mix
Champagne Marble Concrete Mix #16

black_on_white_marblecrete concrete mix
Black Iris and Virgin Marble Concrete Mix #13

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Specialty Concrete Mixes & Pricing


            We supply beautiful 100% crushed Marble sand and aggregates in bagged concrete mixes.  These mixes are supplied with premium White Cement.  Unlike common concrete which averages around 5,000 psi compressive strength, our mix designs regularly exceed 10,000 psi compressive strength within a 28 day cure time, achieving ‘Bridge Strength’ designation. 


            When ground and polished (used with a surface retardant, acid etched or sand blasted) your Floor Overlays, Architectural Fascia, Concrete Countertops and Specialty Projects will receive unsurpassed beauty, strength and durability.


            The Specialty Concrete Mix is supplied in Units of 50 lb. bags, with the White Cement packaged separately.  Total combined weight is approximately 60 lbs.  This equates to an Architectural Grade ‘7 sack mix’.  Each pallet contains 65 Units.


Specialty Concrete Mix




Champagne Marble                         Cream, yellow to slight pink combination

Pink Champagne Marble                 Pink w/white marbled combination

Gold Marble                                     The name says it all

Rose Marble                                     Red and white with a hint of lavender

Black Iris Marble                             Black with an occasional white vane
            Virgin Marble                                   White marble

Royal Gray Marble                          Gray marble

Burgundy                                           Dark blood red


Standard Mixes


            #1(B)               Gold/Pink Champagne aggregate & Virgin sand      

            #2(B)               Gold/Rose aggregate & Virgin sand                          

            #3(B)               Rose/Champagne aggregate &Virgin sand    

            #4                    Black Iris/Champagne aggregate &Virgin Sand        

            #5                    Black Iris/Pink Champagne aggregate & Virgin sand

            #6                    Black Iris/Gold aggregate & Virgin sand

            #7                    Black Iris/Rose aggregate & Virgin sand

            #8                    Black Iris/Burgundy aggregate & Virgin sand

            #9(B)               Champagne aggregate & Virgin sand

          #10(B)               Pink Champagne aggregate & Virgin sand

          #11(B)               Gold aggregate & Virgin sand

          #12(B)               Rose aggregate & Virgin sand

          #13                    Black Iris aggregate & Virgin sand

          #14(B)               Burgundy aggregate & Virgin sand   

          #15(B)               Virgin aggregate and sand

          #16(B)   (V)       Champagne aggregate and sand

          #17(B)   (V)       Pink Champagne aggregate and sand

          #18(B)   (V)       Gold aggregate and sand

          #19(B)   (V)       Rose aggregate and sand

          #20        (V)       Black Iris aggregate and sand

          #21(B)   (V)       Burgundy aggregate and sand           


* All Mixes with the letter ‘B’ or ‘V’ are complimentary with Black Iris or Virgin Marble Fleck, which is supplied in separate packages.  Please specify when ordering.


Standard Size              Aggregate:      1/2"x1/8" 

                                   Sand               1/8" minus


            The above combinations are only a small list of what’s possible.  Having over 8 colors and multiple size gradations, this allows for hundreds of possible combinations. 


            We also supply beautiful High-Strength Specialty Materials for application such as Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).




            12 Pallets (780 Units) Minimum Order                                  $30 per Unit


            1 to 780 Units                                                                       $45 per Unit




All prices FOB Luning, Nevada.


Pallets are non-returnable – no charge.  No return on unused materials.  (Prices effective 1/07)


To Order Call (775) 573-2700 or e-mail us at