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We are happy you have taken the time to visit our website. Enjoy, this is the full size photo web site.

The enduring beauty of these products will achieve heirloom value for many generations to come.

Our High Quality Benches and Tables are manufactured with the finest products available. We use premium White Cement, with 100% crushed marble sand and aggregates. This combination achieves superior Bridge Strength quality, often exceeding 10,000 psi compression strength.

Our products are hand ground and polished with diamond wheels. These beautiful products are then sealed with Crystal Seal. Crystal Seal is the ONLY sealer approved for exterior use. Crystal Seal will never stain, fade, yellow or peel, and has a hardness of 4 points less than glass. Its beauty will last for many years to come (see note).

Our sand/aggregate color selection is Pink Champagne Marble, Champagne Marble, Gold Marble, Rose Marble, Black Iris Marble, Virgin Marble, Royal Grey Marble and Burgundy. * Concrete pigmentation is available.

Full Spectrum Precast, Inc.
Prestigious Concrete Products
Post Office Box 10
Luning, NV 89420
(775) 720-7526

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